Employee Stories

Hear stories from our employees and why they love working at Mainroad.

Rob Moller
Road Manager

"I’ve been with Mainroad myself now for nearly 13 years — I started as a signman / labourer and I’ve worked my way up to Road Manager. It’s been a really great place to work! There’s always opportunities and room for growth, Mainroad has always treated me well and I plan on working here for many years to come."

Linden Jessome
Linden Jessome
Human Resources Assistant

“I can honestly say that this is one of the best places I have ever worked. Everyone is friendly and supportive and we work as a strong team to achieve our common goals. I feel valued and respected as both an employee of the company and as a friend. The company also offers great benefits and opportunities for career growth. I would highly recommend Mainroad to anyone who is looking for a rewarding and fulfilling career."

Renita Palmer
Trade Journeywoman Mechanic

"Mainroad supports your growth and your future. If you have a goal and you want to do it, stick to your guns— it's worth pursuing."

Renita levelled up her credentials, and earned her second Red Seal as a Heavy Duty Mechanic using her on-the-job experience!

Jordan Lennerton
Road Crew

“Mainroad is always hiring! We want someone that’s going to take pride in what they do on the road and make the road an easier and safer place to travel there are millions of people every day that travel on the highways and it takes a good crew of people to maintain them.”

Kayla Doll
Kayla Doll
Executive Assistant & Office Manager

“This will be my 12th year with Mainroad and I haven’t pictured myself working for any other company! Working at Mainroad there is opportunity to grow, develop, and take on new opportunities in your current office/role and when a position intrigues you anywhere within the company. Mainroad is strong team, and I am happy to be a part of it!”

Tanya Green
Payroll Administrator

“We’re all working together and I never feel stuck. There’s the LinkedIn learning, there’s the lunch and learns and there’s the educational reimbursements. If I want to continue to excel in payroll then I’ve got excellent opportunities to do that and I only have to ask”

Jill Brew
Senior Payroll Administrator

“Mainroad is a really good company to work for— there’s employee engagement and all sorts of
events going on that the company organizes, like our annual golf tournament which is really great.”

Kevin Henderson

“I really enjoy working with Mainroad. One
of the best things about this place is that no matter who you call they’re always willing to help in the training and support. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to be working in that sort of an environment.”

Sarn Banwait
Quality Manager

“I have a great support team here at Mainroad. Opportunities are abundant here—my future with Mainroad is to keep growing and keep taking the opportunities that come my way and see where it takes me. One day I could be president or VP— you never know.”

Jeff Meidl
Sales Representative

“We’re just one big family and it’s special. I’m constantly smiling and it shows. I’ve been told constantly by people that I used to work with— they’re like you just don’t seem like you, you seem so smiley. It reflects on my kids and my family and it’s just it’s such a good fit. I plan on finishing my career here.”

Jordan Lennerton
Road Crew

“I feel comfortable going to my managers and my foreman and suggesting different things that could use attention and they’re always receptive to my ideas and we can collaborate on something and get to work on it usually pretty quickly. I feel like I’m I’m a valued employee with Mainroad.”

James Dai
Engineer in Training

“There’s a lot of opportunities within Mainroad —it’s one of those companies where you feel like you’re working with people you know and everyone’s just really helpful when you need them. Send in that application—it’s a great place to work.”

Jordan Lennerton
Road Crew

“There are different shifts available— some are Monday to Friday, 6 and 3 rotation, graveyards, afternoons, day shifts—any kind of shift work that you can think of. The only skill you really need is a good head on your shoulders. You can learn anything from anybody here— everybody’s willing to help you along. If you’re new, there’s always courses and tickets that you can get and management is always encouraging employees to do so.”

Emtia Thirion
AP/AR Supervisor

“I feel everybody here has got an open door policy so if there’s any issues we can always go and talk to them about it. I feel that Mainroad is a great company to work for—it’s a very very family orientated company they will definitely listen to what each person’s unique situation is and if you have a problem they can’t help you to sort it out they will definitely try and get resources for you to try and help you to make life easier.”